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Solexx Greenhouse Covering and Kits
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Solexx Greenhouse Covering and Greenhouses

"We have bad winds and we see no problems (with the paneling). The plastic is holding up great, It's Incredible!", Doug R., Idaho


"We had two greenhouses. One was a hoop house covered with greenhouse film. The other is 12 x 24 covered with the Solexx Panels. The hoop house was recently destroyed by snow and wind, the Solexx Greenhouse is still up and growing many of our winter greens.

Having had both kinds of greenhouses, don't waste your money on the thin ( 4 mil) filmed plastic greenhouses. They always end up ripping. Pay the price and get something that will last for years.

This sheeting is great in the summer with a shade cloth, and fantastic in the winter. I am not happy that I am going to have to build another greenhouse to replace the one I just lost. I will be using nothing but the hard Solexx Panels this time around." - Katie, Colville, WA



Growers Karen and Jeff of J&K Growers in Dallesport, Washington share their greenhouse history and why they swear by Solexx greenhouse covering.

"Solexx keeps the extremes away from your plants - consequently we don't have stress (laughter)"

"Would you use Solexx again?" "We have no use for any other product"

Click on the video below to watch the full interview


"Farm Wholesale's corrugated panels are cost effective and durable. The product is great!",Terry M., Oregon


McLellan Botanicals San Antonio, TX

Solexx from inside the greenhouseApplying Solexx to the roof









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"We purchased enough Solexx material to commence our first greenhouse renovation (metal A-frame) and were immediately impressed with its ability to flex, bend around corners, withstand extending out long sheets over 100 feet in length as single cut sheets. After experiencing the ease of which we could cut long sheets and apply them on the sidewalls, we decided to run our roof covering lengthwise, instead of the conventional, horizontal direction which requires more cuts and overlaps; thus additional waste.

The results were better than we envisioned on the first greenhouse. On the following set of greenhouses (we renovated 15 gutter connected Quonset type houses) I even took a walk on the roofs to take pictures. The materials strength was evident with every step I cautiously took."

Update May 2015: We purchased Solexx five years ago. The covering was installed on the roofs of some of our Orchids houses in San Antonio, Texas. Solexx has held up well to the almost year around sunlight and the strong winds we often experience. The diffused light keeps our houses cooler in the summer and allows us to have more growing space since there are no hot spots. Next time we plan to purchase a new roof covering for our greenhouses, we plan to purchase more Solexx.

Richard Munoz, McLellan Botanicals San Antonio, TX


"Andy constructed a large greenhouse using 50 Farm Wholesale greenhouse panels. A tornado hit the school and did damage to the grandstands and two greenhouses nearby, but the corrugated plastic panels were not damaged.", Andy F, California


Solexx greenhouse panels protect Blue Heron's nursery stock from the winter cold and wind"Last year we increased our quantity of cold frames for our winter production program and added twenty-seven new houses. We decided to do endwalls instead of simply covering with poly as we have done on most of our previous houses. We had trialed Solexx on three of our houses in 2001 and had liked how the material held up over time. The same Solexx is still being used on those existing ends and door and looks good. We choose to use the same product on our new installations. The cutting and attaching of the Solexx was a breeze, which made for easy installation. Having end walls and doors on those houses has greatly increased productivity. Our house with doors take a fraction of the time to winterize and make pulling early spring orders a snap. Open the doors, in and out, and no hammers necessary. What a nice change!

This year we are looking at replacing all our poly ends with Solexx end walls and doors. I look forward to working with you and your excellent service staff."

Best regards,

Dusty Lawellin Mendoza
Production Manager
Blue Heron Farms


"The plastic is holding up very well and is easy to clean.", Walter A., Oregon


Harvesting Totes

"Morris and I again want to thank you for the great job you did on getting those totes to us! We really appreciate all the effort it took. Everything went quite smoothly on this end, too, thanks to your efforts in shipping and paperwork, etc. We will pass on your name and Adaptive Plastics’ to anybody else interested in totes."

Again, with much appreciation,
Morris & Maureen W. Canyon, BC Canada


Tree Guards

"I've been using Farm Wholesale tree guards since 1991 and they protect my trees from sunscald and herbicide sprays, and are easy to install. Farm Wholesale's tree guards have saved me time and money." Keith Tucker, of Giant Step Orchard


"I have used Farm Wholesale's corrugated plastic tree guards for 10 years. They have been effective in protecting young trees from herbicides, southwest trunk injury, and mice." Tim Dahle, of Dahle Orchard


Sealed Flute CSA, Produce Boxes

March 14, 2001

Dear Bruce,
Thanks so much for all your help in finding a plastic box for our company. The box you recommended was exactly what we were looking for. As you know, we are packing apples, pears and oranges in this box. We routinely put 38 to 45 pounds in the boxes and have no problems stacking them 5 high. Even when we put them in our delivery trucks, we will stack them 5 high and the movement and roughness of the road hasn't been a problem.

On our initial conversation about the plastic box we were hoping to get around 5 to 6 uses from them. It now appears we will reuse the box approximately 15 to 20 times and maybe more. I don't have to tell you what kind of savings that translates to me in reduced paper box purchases.

Another item of interest we have noticed is the fruit we put into our boxes seem to be staying fresher! We had pears in the plastic box and also in conventional paper boxes and the pears in the plastic were in far superior condition over the same period of time. We feel this is due to the ability of greater air movement with your box.

The box also works well on our packing line. It moves freely on all our conveyers and we had to make little modifications to adapt.

A real selling point with our clients is the fact they are recyclable. Most clients are happy to do away with the paper and returning the box to us hasn't been a problem.

Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to working with you and your company in the future.

John L. Butler, American Produce Express

UPDATE: October 30, 2009

Dear Phil, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how great your sealed flute bushel box is working for us. As you know originally I had hoped to get 3 or 4 turns on the box. This was back in the day when they were going for 2 to 3 dollars a box. In reality I am getting 150 to 200 turns per box! So even at today’s prices they prove to be a very good value. We routinely put 20 to 40 pounds in a box and palletize them 5 high and they continue to pass the test. They are not difficult to clean and my customers like the fact that we are using a product that is not only reusable but recyclable. Thanks for all your help.

John L. Butler, American Produce Express


A letter received from Bruce Henne, Owner of Apple Zone
"Apple Zone continues to use our white corrugated sealed-flute plastic boxes to ship Apples to some of our retail accounts in Seattle. The accounts include Whole Foods, Pioneer Organics, The Produce Shoppe and Marlene's Markets.

We have now received the boxes back on several cycles from these various retailers, up to five cycles. Everyone involved is pleased with the results. We will continue to ship fruit in increasing volumes to these and other customers in the plastic boxes.

Our packing foreman, Paul Madden, found the boxes simple and easy to use in the packing and stacking phase. The bottom locking system is easy to assemble, and holds our fruit securely, and retains our optimum 35-degree temperature. Paul also does some of our deliveries to Seattle, and found that the boxes palletized, stored and then loaded easily. The handles are a definite advantage compared to most apple cartons.

Ronny Bell, owner/manager of Pioneer Organics, was pleased that the boxes have many potential use cycles, and that his crew readily adapted to their use. Ronny is considering how to use such a box in his various operations, including his organic produce weekly home delivery service.

We stacked the boxes 7-high; the apple industry standard palletized height. The boxes were in very good condition when returned, and will require only re-labeling for reuse. We believe we will get a minimum of 10 cycles from each box, and expect to average 15-plus cycles.

The corrugated plastic sealed-flute box is being integrated into our operations, and is gaining acceptance with our best customers. We anticipate working with Bruce Tormey of Farm Wholesale to obtain more apple and other fruit and vegetable containers to ship our premium produce."

Sincerely yours,

Bruce Henne Owner - Apple Zone


March 10, 2010CSA box packing and loading at Ma'o Organics, Hawaii

"The boxes were collected and were used for the first time this past’s an understatement to say they were hit...people were blown away...I think they feel a real sense of pride that they are part of the CSA. I’m sure we’ll be ordering more boxes in the near future...we had hoped for 150 subscribers by Dec 2010 but we already have 110 -- all word of mouth -- we have yet to do any advertising/marketing.  Think I’ll be needing another truck very soon."

Gary, Ma'o Organic Farms, Wai'anae, HI


April 09, 2015

"I purchased my first Crop Boxes three years ago from Farm Wholesale Ag and I couldn't be happier. I am ordering lots more this year!! I really like the ease of folding, storing and cleaning. They are super light weight yet can hold lots of heavy produce. I use them for all kinds of things at the farm including harvest, storage, transport and for CSA members. They have been folded and unfolded many, many times and still look like the day I received them! No cardboard for me!!!."

Virginia Keith
Blueberry Hill Organic Farm,
South Killingly, CT


April 14, 2015

Nancy purchased 60 medium and 60 large CSA boxes in 2010 and 40 more medium CSA boxes in 2011. Nancy let us know that she absolutely loves them and believes that she will get another 3 years use out of them.

Nancy Hendricks
Fresh to You Produce and Garden Center,
Stayton, OR








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