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Sealed Flute CSA Produce Boxes

CSA sealed flute produce box

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**Not currently available**

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Perfect for CSA’s, Farmers Markets, Organic Produce Growers, Produce Distributors & Farm Stands

Sealed Flute Corrugated Plastic Boxes can be cleaned and sanitized and used year after year saving thousands of dollars on corrugated cardboard cartons whenever you distribute through a closed loop distribution system. The heat sealed edges strengthen the carton panels and prevent contaminates or bacteria from entering the flutes, providing a worry-free shipping/transporting solution. They are the best solution for CSA produce farms to keep produce fresh and minimize long-term expenses.

“We stopped counting at 200 returns on the CSA boxes we purchased
8 years ago.”
  - John Butler, American Produce Express

Printable CSA Flyer (PDF document)

Our Sealed-Flute Corrugated Plastic Boxes are:

  • Impervious to moistureSealer Flute edges keep contaminants out and the CSA box sanitary
  • Mildew and chemical resistant
  • Recyclable food grade polypropylene
  • UV inhibitor
  • Extremely durable, 150+ uses
  • Easily collapsible for storing
  • Insulated plastic keeps produce fresher
  • Reusable and returnable
  • Sturdy 75 lb. load weight for the half bushel box and 100 lb. for the two larger size boxes
  • Short two year payback period compared with wax coated produce boxes, reducing costs for all uses starting in year three
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Hydrocool directly in boxes
  • Sealed flute edges lock out contaminants
  • Stacking tabs lock boxes in position
  • BPA free
  • Made in the USA
  • Soft, twin-wall plastic cushions to prevent bruising

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To get a quote, click on the “Contact Us’ button below and tell us how many of each size you need and where you are located.

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Farm Wholesale's sealed flute boxes are perfect for a closed loop shipping system

Model #
Sealed Flute Small CSA Box (1/2 bushel)
16 "L x 11.5"W x 7 "H (od)
Not currently available
Sealed Flute Med. CSA Box (3/4 bushel)
20"L x 11.5"W x 7 "H (od)
Not currently available
Sealed Flute Large CSA Box
(1-1/5 bushel)
20" x 11.5" 11" (od)
Not currently available

Custom printing and colors available. 1000 box minimum. Call for pricing.

Calculating your box order:
• Determine how many CSA members you have – X members
• Our suggestion is to either triple the number of members or double the members plus an amount of cushion for boxes not returned next week
• Possibly round up to next price break to lower prices (contact us for price break information)


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