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Grow tubes work like a mini greenhouse to accelorate plant growthNO LONGER AVAILABLE

Corrugated plastic grow tubes work like a miniature greenhouse, accelerating growth and plant development of an individual plant or seedling. In addition, they protect your young trees and plants against herbicide spray, wind, and predator damage.

Farm Wholesale's reusable translucent grow tube material is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) corrugated plastic. Added UV inhibitor prolongs the plastic's life expectancy to about 2 to 4 years against ultraviolet damage.

Farm Wholesale’s grow tube is 32" x 18", ideal for vineyards, restoration areas, nursery stock, tree seedlings, roses, tomatoes, blueberries – anywhere young plants need protection and a growing boost. The multiple use nursery grow tube is designed with locking stake tabs that support the grow tube using a 4' x 3/8" bamboo stake.

The translucent material is shipped flat and assembled at the plant’s location or can be pre-assembled for field application. The tube wraps around the plant while the locking tabs hold the material, forming a 5.5" interior diameter. The bamboo stake slides through the stake tabs on the outside and into the ground, which holds the grow tube in position. Connect two grow tubes together for a 10" diameter grow tube or three for a 15" diameter tube.

Corrugated Grow Tubes are available by the piece or by the pallet. If you would like a FREE full size sample, please call 1-877-234-1595

Model #
Grow tubes helpt to accellorate the growth of young grape vines
32" x 18" Grow Tube 500/pallet
Requires bamboo stake.
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Bamboo Stakes (500)
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