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Solexx™ Greenhouse Covering

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Solexx is a perfect covering for greenhouse endwalls and sidewallsTwin-wall Solexx paneling reduces your heating costs while providing 100% diffuse light to your plants. The strong shatter-proof glazing protects your crops from harsh weather conditions without cracking or discoloration.

The flexible Solexx glazing ships in rolls to save money on freight and the material can be bent around corners and over roof peaks for a perfect seal. Solexx can easily be cut to size with a straight edge and a sharp utility knife.

Perfect for commercial greenhouse structures to cover endwall, sidewalls or to recover the enitre greenhouse.

Printable Solexx Flyer (PDF document)

8 Reasons to Switch to Solexx™

  • Ship over 3700 sq ft on a 4' x 4' pallet
  • Diffused Light - no shadows or burning
  • Easily bends around corners
  • Weathers hail and ice storms
  • Installs horizontally or vertically
  • Fits most greenhouse - 6' or 4' centers
  • Easy installation - simply overlap and screw into place
  • Better insulation than any other covering: 2.1-2.3 R-Value
Solexx Installation Guide

MSDS Sheet

Solexx Covering Insulates Better Than the Rest

Greenhouse Covering R-Value U-Value
Solexx™ 5mm
Solexx™ 3.5mm
8mm Triple Wall Polycarbonate
Double Pane Storm Windows
10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
Double Polyethylene Film 6mm*
8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
6mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
Double Poly Film 5mm*
4mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
Single Pane Glass (3mm)
Corrugated Polycarbonate (single layer)
Polyethylene Film 6mm
Corrugated Fiberglass
Solexx rolls are available 4 foot or 6 foot wide in rolls as long as 900 feet.

Solexx greenhouse panels are twin walled for insulation and protection

* Requires constant inflation to maintain R-Value

R-Value - the measurement of ‘insulating ability’ of the material. The higher the R-Value number the greater the insulation value.

U-Value - the measurement of ‘heat loss’ through the material. The lower the U-Value the less heat is escaping.

Independent testing, Solexx™ with caulked flutes.


Solexx Greenhouse Covering Sizes

Custom Cut Less than full roll
GSR-160-CUT 3.5mm Solexx XP - ship up to 150' UPS
GSR-240-CUT 5mm Solexx Pro - ship up to 100' UPS
49.5" Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-160-400 49.5" x 400 ft roll - 3.5mm Solexx XP
GSR-160-900 49.5" x 900 ft roll - 3.5mm Solexx XP
50.5' Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-240-50-300 50.5" x 300 ft roll - 5mm Solexx PRO
GSR-240-50-570 50.5" x 600 ft roll - 5mm Solexx PRO
77" Wide Rolls
Full Rolls Only
GSR-240-6 77" x 300 ft roll - 5mm Solexx PRO
49.5" Wide Panels
Shipped flat or in rolls depending on quantity
GSP-160-8 49.5" x 99" - 3.5mm Solexx XP Panels
GSP-160-12 49.5" x 146" - 3.5mm Solexx XP Panels
GSR-240-8 49.5" x 99" - 5mm Solexx PRO Panels
GSR-240-12 49.5" x 146 " - 5mm Solexx PRO Panels

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End repeated replacement and repair cost with Solexx over greenhouse polyfilm.

Tired of endless repair and replacement of polyfilm? Switch to Solexx and save energy and repair costs. See a return on investmet in 2 to 3 years!


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