Tree Guards – Perfect for Your Ornamental Trees

Farm Wholesale tree guards have been used in the Nursery industry for many years.  They provide an easy, inexpensive solution to pests, frost, machinery damage and sunscald. Many types of trees need tree guards because of their thin cambium layer. If this layer, that is directly under the outside bark of a tree, is damaged it can affect the growth of the tree and even cause death. Growers across the country have reaped the benefits of their Farm Wholesale tree guards.

Now tree guards are being used with more species of trees than ever. Most young trees, especially from tissue culture, have thin bark and are therefore susceptible to damage and need to be protected.  An abbreviated list of those trees are listed below:

Bigtooth Maple

Thundercloud Plum

Skyline Honeylocust

Sterling Silver Linden


Cleveland Select Flowering Pear

Chaparral Weeping Mulberry

Glenleven Linden

Highland Park Maple

New Bradford Pear

Kankakee Newport Plum


European Hornbeam

Redspire Flowering Pear

Newport Plum


Pyramidal Hornbeam

Prairie Cascade Willow

American Linden

Prunus-all varieties

Northern/Western Catalpa

European Moutain Ash

Redmond Linden


Autumn Purple Ash

Pyramidal Mountain Ash

Greenspire Linden


Patmore Ash

Cardinal Royal (TM) Mountain Ash

Krauter Vesuvius Plum

Gleditsia-honey locust

Imperial Honeylocust

Oakleaf Mountain Ash



Shademaster Honeylocust




Because these trees are more fragile they are more susceptible to sun scald otherwise known as winter crack.  Sunscald appears mostly when snow is on the ground and the sun is out.  The sun heats up the bark causing the tree to come out of dormancy.  When the temperature drops again the cambium layer below the bark cracks, killing the tree. To solve this problem the tree trunk must be kept at a neutral temperature. The easiest way to do this is to wrap the base of the tree in a single wall polypropylene tree wrap. The tree wrap has reflective white on the outer side and heat absorbent black on the inside. This helps slow down heat transfer and loss, and keeps your trees from becoming stressed.

Like many happy tree growers you’ll experience less discarded stock and more vivacious healthy trees. Farm Wholesale tree guards help maintain plant quality from production to customer.  In addition to protecting the tree trunk as it grows, the tree guards continue to protect your product as it is shipped to your customer, assuring maximum profit and a quality product for the end user. Farm Wholesale Tree guards are a perfect solution to anything that would cause stress, disease, or damage to your young thin barked trees.



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