Was your greenhouse poly film shredded by Sandy?

The Dwight School in Manhattan, just next to Central Park, has a Solexx greenhouse on the roof of their five story building.

“Our greenhouse survived Hurricane Sandy with no damage” were the words used by Barry Gragg of the Dwight School.

No matter what size greenhouse you are growing plants in, if you haven’t seen Solexx, now is the time to call and get a sample.  Another Nor’ Easter has already hit New England.

Are you ready for the next one?  Could this be the year you replace film on your greenhouse more than once?

I once helped a neighbor re-skin a gutter connect with double poly film.  My job was to walk the gutter and hold the film high enough to clear the side walls.  A breeze came up.  I almost flew.  Scared me to death.  No fun.

Sending a sample of Solexx to you is easy.  Just ask.

Ten-year warranty, twin wall.  No inflation fans, better insulation, flexible hard-cover.

It’s a no brainer.  The Dwight School sure likes it.

http://www.farmwholesaleag.com/greenhouse_covering.shtml to check out the value.

info@farmwholesaleag.com for a sample.  Or 877-234-1595.

Until next time,

Phil Edmunds


Phil Edmunds

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