USDA Adds Solexx to Virtual Grower

The USDA has added Solexx Twin-Wall polyethylene greenhouse covering to its list of materials to cover greenhouses.

What does this mean to you?  It means you can create a virtual greenhouse just like your real one and compare covering materials to see what gives you the best insulation value and saves you the most in fuel costs.  It couldn’t be easier.

If you are a greenhouse grower who heats all winter, and you have double poly film or polycarbonate on your greenhouse, Solexx will pay for itself in 2-4 years depending on your location and heating schedule.

AND, you get to keep it on for three or four times the years of your poly film.   What does that spell?  PROFIT!  FUEL SAVED MEANS BIGGER PROFITS!

Solexx has a 10 year UV warranty, comes in rolls, diffuses light, resists hail damage, stands up to hurricane force winds, and has an R-Value of 2.3.  That means it insulates better than 10mm triple-wall polycarbonate.

Do you want to see for yourself?  Easy peasy.  Download the Virtual Grower program from the USDA at this link – Virtual Grower

Build your virtual greenhouse using your greenhouse dimensions, covering, location, heat type, fuel heating schedule.  Ouput the cost of fuel per year.  Then go back and change the covering to Solexx.

See the difference?  You might be able to pay your property taxes with the savings.

If you don’t want to download the program, go to  our website and complete our survey and we will do it for you.  We will calculate the savings and deliver a time where you can see a return on your investment.  Go to our homepage.  Click on the link “Free Energy Analysis”.  Fill out the form, click on submit.

Wait a few days and we will send you your savings reports.  We will tell you exactly how long it will take you to get a return on your investment recovering your greenhouse with Solexx in just your fuel savings.

Not having to re-cover every 4 years may save some money too.

Not having to run inflation fans may save some money too.

Not having to sweep snow or run generators may get you a little more sleep at night.

Ten minutes of your time will gain you knowledge – just to find out if you’re wasting money.  I’d want to know.

Click here.  Farm Wholesale Ag Free Energy Savings

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Phil Edmunds

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