Tree Guards – Perfect for Your Ornamental Trees

Farm Wholesale tree guards have been used in the Nursery industry for many years.  They provide an easy, inexpensive solution to pests, frost, machinery damage and sunscald. Many types of trees need tree guards because of their thin cambium layer. If this layer, that is directly under the outside bark of a tree, is damaged it can affect the growth of the tree and even cause death. Growers across the country have reaped the benefits of their Farm Wholesale tree guards.

Tree Guards offer effective protection for many tender tree varieties.

A recent testimonial from one of our tree guard customers:

Here is a list of varieties where I use the trunk protectors. All the varieties on the spreadsheet are the ones where we use trunk protectors to prevent winter crack and sunscald. Some winters if I start seeing jack rabbit damage, I go ahead and put the trunk protectors on to solve the problem. Usually Jack Rabbits attack my malus varieties. The most common malus they like to eat are the Malus ‘Radiant’ Malus ‘Prairie Rose’ and Malus ‘Brandywine’. They can totally destroy those trees by eating the outer bark on the first 12″ of the tree trunk. Also putting trunk protectors on as we harvest and ship helps tremendously with equipment damage. We are more than happy if you use our name and company to back up this information.